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No matter what type of gas appliances you use, we have the right solution for you. When you choose to use our services, you simply transfer all your worries to us. Everything is done professionally. Your safety is our first priority.

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Natural gas can save you money

The cost of heating your home with heating oil is typically more expensive than heating your home with natural gas. While the initial cost of switching to a gas furnace is more expensive, the overall savings is worth the upfront cost of the switch. Natural gas is more accessible and far less expensive than heating oil, which continues to become more expensive as time goes on.

Natural Gas Requires Less Maintenance

Oil furnaces must be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that your home remains safe and your furnace in working order. Your natural gas supply does not make a mess, leave ashes or require frequent maintenance to clean up. There’s far less maintenance required when you choose to heat your home with natural gas.

What We Can Do For You

General Gas Service is your authority on professional installation, testing, repairing, and relocating of various types of Natural Gas lines and appliances. We offer a professional and solid reputation which has spanned several years in the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in gas line installation in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. As well as gas leak repair.


Gas Line Leaks and Repairs

Using the latest technology, we can detect and repair any gas leak regardless of the size.

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Installation and Relocating

Adding a new appliance, or moving an existing one? We can do this for you.

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Gas Appliance Installation

Connect with us either through our website contact us page or by calling 416-849-3416

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