Gas Line Leaks and Repairs

From time to time leaks do happen in people's homes. Detecting and Repairing gas leaks is a simple and safe process for our staff. We use cutting edge technology combined with our experience to detect and correct these problems. If for any reason you are unsure of the size, or the danger of the leak contact Enbridge or 911 immediately. As professionals, we can come out and shut off your gas then after repairing the leak we can turn it back on. Call us now at 416-849-3416 or click here to contact one of our experienced Gas Technicians. There are no leaks too small or too big for us to handle. 

Natural gas lines(pipes) and gas appliances can be found in many Canadian households as gas is a cheap, clean, efficient, and relatively safe energy source. However, there are certain dangers associated with natural gas, especially with gas line leaks. This is the reason why public utilities commissions all over the world recommend that natural gas consumers learn and remember certain safety tips. Natural gas leak repairs and appliance repairs should always be left to professionals. Although natural gas is a great choice as an energy source, if it is not monitored properly, it can also be dangerous. Truth be told, emergency gas leaks are rare, but also extremely dangerous. You can tell if there is a gas line(pipe) leak by what can be described as a strong, familiar rotten egg odor. This is not the smell of real gas, as natural gas is odorless; it is an odor that is added to the gas in order to be detected in case of a gas leak. Natural gas lines(pipes) can have leaks, either because they are old, or they have not been properly installed. Gas leaks can also occur outside the home. The gas pipes are buried underground, so it is quite difficult to tell whether there is a gas leak. This is why it is very important to call your local utilities protection service before doing any work that involves digging outside. Digging can carefully begin after all natural gas lines have been marked. If you detect a gas pipe leak it is very important to open doors and windows in order to ventilate your home. If the smell is very strong and it persists even after ventilation you should ask everyone to get out of the house. The next step is to call 911 or the gas supplier. They should be the first ones to know if there is a gas line leak. Although rare, gas line leaks can occur, and the outcome can be damaging if not dealt with. That is why in such cases you should know some emergency gas leaks tips – they are easy to remember and could even save your life. Remember that gas line leaks can occur both indoors and outdoors.